‘Stranger Things’ is definitely getting a second season in 2017

Image: Netflix

Rejoice, Stranger Things fans. Season 2 is happening, and it’s coming in 2017.

Netflix confirmed the news across its various social media channels, blasting out a short, exceedingly cryptic teaser. It looks like the series’ familiar intro sequence, but something else is going on here.

Instead of highlighting the names of the show’s stars, snippets of text instead seem to reference… other things. Plot points? References to the 1980s setting? References to Season 1? Something else entirely?

The teaser ends, fittingly, with the normal Stranger Things logo being replaced with the words: Season Two.

Watch it here:


Let’s recap the teaser text, just to get it all down in list form…


The Boy Who Came Back to Life

The Pumpkin Patch

The Palace

The Storm

The Pollywog

The Secret Cabin

The Brain

The Lost Brother

The final text that appears before “Season Two” — “In the fall of 1984… the adventure continues” — establishes the next season’s setting. But what about the rest?

You know what those nine lines of text read like? Episode titles. It seems impossibly early for the Duffer Brothers, the series creators, to have such a specific thing done. And yet, it’s one of the more likely possibilities.

In fact, Entertainment Weekly has already confirmed that Season 2 will run for nine episodes. So there’s your answer. That EW article also shares some other details about what to expect, but we won’t spoil it for you here.

Trivia Tuesday…

Significant Digits For Tuesday, July 5, 2016 – One of the greatest reads for me ever… Go there. Learn.

20,000 pounds of cheese

Crime of the century in Wisconsin: 20,000 pounds of cheese from U.S. Foods, en route from Green Bay to New York, was stolen. Anyone with information is encouraged to call me. [The Associated Press]

You know you want to know more. Click this link…

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July 4. What it really means. Why we should care. So. We’re probably staying.

For those of you, who have forgotten, this is the reason that we celebrate on the 4th.

So. We’re probably staying.

Yep. The lake is just too much fun, and time away is therefore precious. But. We’ll put it up for sale and see what happens. I’s not an urgent thing, but, it would help save a chunk of change for the future. And with the kids not going, it means that there will be less “family time” anyway.

I leave you with this…











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Can the neighborhood be any more reluctant…?

Not even the 4th yet, and already the fireworks kings are at it. According to Facebook, it’s already been a high bombing weekend back home. And though there are many that wish this was not the case, and have politely asked for it to stop, nope, it’s just simply not going to.

There are neighbors that have asked, for years, if the fireworks could be toned down. Mostly, it’s due to folks here that are suffering from PTSD from unselfishly serving in our military, as well as folks with animals that just get frightened from the sounds. Yet, in a “The Purge” sort of way, nothing changes. It seems that the requests just fall on deaf ears. Such a sorry state of affairs.

Till then, peace…