July 4. What it really means. Why we should care. So. We’re probably staying.

For those of you, who have forgotten, this is the reason that we celebrate on the 4th.

So. We’re probably staying.

Yep. The lake is just too much fun, and time away is therefore precious. But. We’ll put it up for sale and see what happens. I’s not an urgent thing, but, it would help save a chunk of change for the future. And with the kids not going, it means that there will be less “family time” anyway.

I leave you with this…











Till then… peace…

Can the neighborhood be any more reluctant…?

Not even the 4th yet, and already the fireworks kings are at it. According to Facebook, it’s already been a high bombing weekend back home. And though there are many that wish this was not the case, and have politely asked for it to stop, nope, it’s just simply not going to.

There are neighbors that have asked, for years, if the fireworks could be toned down. Mostly, it’s due to folks here that are suffering from PTSD from unselfishly serving in our military, as well as folks with animals that just get frightened from the sounds. Yet, in a “The Purge” sort of way, nothing changes. It seems that the requests just fall on deaf ears. Such a sorry state of affairs.

Till then, peace…

Project Fi, and forced time away from electronics…

A side benefit about being on Project Fi.

Sprint, T-Mobile and now US Cellular are all carriers that Project Fi uses. And that’s a good thing. At the lake, Sprint is the big winner. Although LTE was in the window, the connection was much slower than I would have liked. Add that to the fact that I work really hard to keep my bill down naturally with them, the phone spent most of its time on the table. Kind of freedom of noise in a world that is currently loaded with noise. Yes. I played some games on it later in the evening and did check a little news and see the Cubs score (which I wish I hadn’t), but mostly, it just sat there motionless.

Airplane mode for the win!

Till then, peace…

To the lake…

Happy Saturday!

As expected, arriving at the lake was uneventful! And the lawn was high enough to hide a good sized dog! Time to whip out the mower. Mich did the heavy work, while I picked up sticks, helped control the power cord, and just generally was the gopher. Couple hours later, and it looked far, far better.

Justin was there this weekend. Been quite a while since we’d seen him. There with friends. However. No one had winterized the trailer from last fall, and they had no water in the trailer for the weekend. Trips on moped to the local comfort station!

There were a crazy amount of dead lady bugs in the trailer this year. Always amazes me that they can even get in there. So. Let’s review the quiet and relaxing weekend so far:

  1. Empty the ride of food, clothes, all the things that came home for the winter, the dogs. Check
  2. Couple hours to cut the grass. Check.
  3. Spend a little time vacuuming the “lady bugs”. Check.
  4. Open the shed. Get the cooker out. Check.
  5. Munch some hot dogs. Check.
  6. It’s 7pm. Relax time? Check

So. Arriving at 1, and sitting down to enjoy the time, 7. Not bad! Devin will be here around 11 this evening. Just needs to get off work.

Till then, peace…